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About - Spirulina

Spirulina is world's healthiest natural superfood.


Spirulina is a blue-green algae which is believed to be the first form of plant life on earth (nearly 3.5 billion years old).Spirulina are cyanobacteria living in high salt alkaline water in subtropical and tropical areas.These algae are filamentous and measure 250 micrometer in length. Under the microscope, they appear as blue green filaments due to the presence of both chlorophyll(green) and phycocyanin (blue) pigments in cells.

There are 35 species of spirulina, proliferating in the wild in several alkaline lakes of the world – Lake chad (chad), Lake Toxcoco(Mexico) and Lake Turkan (Kenya). Since the spiral shapes of the algae seem to metamorphose spontaneously depending on PH and nutrient condition, it is possible that different morphologies (hence their names : spirulina platensis, Spirulina Maxima,….) are simply variations of a single species.Spirulinas are potentially of considerable importance in human nutrition due to their overall nutritional qualities: high protein content(60-70 % of dry weight) . low fat, high vitamin and high gamma linolenic acid. Furthermore , due to the absence of cellulose cell walls, spirulina does not require chemical or physical processing steps in order to become digestible. Removal of moisture by simple sun – drying is sufficient as post harvesting treatment. The company is developing new brands of its own through retailing as well as by suppling bulk product to various buyers. Company’s main focus is to develop own market for non-marketed nutraceutical products and build new brand with already marketed nutraceutical products.

Spirulina powder is approved by both the FDA and WHO as healthy food. International health organizations have hailed Spirulina as one of the "Greatest Superfoods on Earth". An ideal food supplement, Spirulina provides the body with all the essential nutrients required daily, leaving you fresh, active and energetic through out the day.

Therapeutic uses of Spirulina :

Today, Spirulina is available in powder, capsule and tablet forms and is being consumed by millions of health conscious people all over the world. Spirulina is also mixed with several medicinal formulations and being used for treating Hyperacidity, Obesity, Hypothyroidism, Exposure to Radioactive fallout, Obstetric and Gynecological disorders, etc. Researchers have proved several clinical benefits of Spirulina. Spirulina is successfully tried on Patients suffering from Diabetes and proved very effective. Similarly Spirulina was found very effective in the treatment of Rheumatoid Arthritis, Pancreatitis, Kidney Detoxification, Lowering Cholesterol in blood, Improving Immune System in patients with HIV positive and children with Malnutrition. Russian patent was awarded to Spirulina as a medical food for improving the immunity of the children of Chernobyl suffering from radiation illness

Health benefits of spirulina

  • Stimulates immune system to destroy invading disease organisms and carcinogens
  • Potentiates the immune system with its anti-tumor, antiviral and interferon inducing effects. 
  • Helps to sanitize the bowel by detoxifying the colon and promoting the growth of friendly bacteria.
  • Promotes tissue repair in wounds and burns and has anti-infectious properties.
  • Helps to decreases cholesterol levels and lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.
  • Works as anti-inflammatory agent, helping to reduce the inflammation characteristics of arthritis.
  • Provides superior nutritional support for everyone who is weakened by disease, alcohol or drug abuse.
  • Helps to balance RNA and DNA nucleic acids.
  • Curbs the appetite and helps to stimulates the metabolism.

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