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About - Algene Biotech

Algene biotech was founded in 2011, with aim to manufacture "NATURAL" nutraceutical & agricultural products.

We are manufacturer of nutraceauticals products in Gujarat, india. Our product range includes two divisions : 1. Nutraceutical (Primary Products), 2. Agriculture (Bio fertilisers and agricultural nutrients products ).Algene biotech, has been certified
1. GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
2. ISO 22000:2005 (Food Safety Mgmt. System)
3. INDIA Organic Certified
The company is developing new brands of its own through retailing as well as by suppling bulk product to various buyers. Company’s main focus is to develop own market for non-marketed nutraceutical products and build new brand with already marketed nutraceutical products. We also do contract manufacturing for our products.

The main objective of company is to “Deliver nature’s own nutrition to people” . Because “Food is the best medicine”. The company’s commitment is to give the best quality product to its customers – for that we get tested our product from well recognised international and national laboratories.

Mission Statement :
To develop, manufacture and market NATURAL health supplement/food products that complies with international quality standards.

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1For very long time, I had problems of ankle pain, hyper acidity, mascular pain & low heamoglobin. I got report from "Thyrocare Lab." i had low level of iron, vitamin B12 & heamoglobin. As per my doctor's advice i started taking "SPIRUGENE" capsules, during just start i amazingly felt strength in my body.By taking regularly, It has recovered my ankle pain, acidity and blood pressure. After year, when i got test report from "Thyrocare lab" , i amazingly got good results in my heamoglobin and vitamin B12 content. indeed its a great natural supplement.

Mrs. Darshanaben Gandhi, Mandvi.

2I was suffering from cough & cold for a long time. I went through an operation for my throat. I took many medicines for my cough & cold but it didn't recover.Also, i had probelms of weakness in body. My brother one day told me about "Spirugene", I started taking it, amazingly it recovered my cough and cold, also i felt strength in my body more than before.Now i take this regularly and have started to recommend this to my friends and family.

Maheshbhai Padvi, Ta - Uchhal.

3My wife was suffering from weakness and mascular pain in legs and hands. After taking many medicines, it didn't recover. When i heard about "spirugene", i gave it to my wife. Now after regular use, my wife has no problems of weakness and mascular pain.

Mr. Sanjaybhai Vasava, Serula.

4Being an indian (Now i am in UK) i consume diet that one far too acidic and create PH imbalance in my body.I used to take 2-3 dose of medicines for my gastric and acidity problems. after starting regular intake of "spirugene" i am very much relieved from my gastric and acidity problems. Now i can thoroughly enjoy tasty food. It has also helped me develop my immune system and strength.

Mr. Jimmy desai, UK

5I am taking "SPIRUGENE" powder for the last 4-5 months. before i had problem of acidity, after taking this powder, i have been recovered a lot in acidity. Earlier, i had low vitamin B12, now it is also in level.

Mr. Hemal Gandhi, Navsari